Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gross, No Way! Yucky/funny things that happen in a house with kids

My 6b (six year old boy), was having issues last month getting his fanny clean enough, he's way too big for wanting help from his mommy so I had him change undies and bathe a lot more till he figured out how to wipe. And Grandma made a point one day of telling him and mom that he's using way too much toilet paper and he clogged her toilet. So after too many noses in such a private matter he took it into his head to find a solution. I go into the unlocked bathroom and he's standing on the counter with his bum in the air pointed toward the mirror and his head down at his feet, he's peering between his knees into the reflection in the mirror and  he's wiping his tush where he can see if the job's been well done or not! I startle him when I laugh and ask what are you doing? and he twists his head to look at me sideways and says matter of factly, "I'm wiping my bum." So I say in the same every day tone "okay, don't fall off the counter" and go out shutting the door. The image of him folded in half standing on the counter cracks me up every time I think of it. It must have helped him 'cuz that was the end of the issue.

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