Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gross, No Way! Yucky/funny things that happen in a house with kids

My 6b (six year old boy), was having issues last month getting his fanny clean enough, he's way too big for wanting help from his mommy so I had him change undies and bathe a lot more till he figured out how to wipe. And Grandma made a point one day of telling him and mom that he's using way too much toilet paper and he clogged her toilet. So after too many noses in such a private matter he took it into his head to find a solution. I go into the unlocked bathroom and he's standing on the counter with his bum in the air pointed toward the mirror and his head down at his feet, he's peering between his knees into the reflection in the mirror and  he's wiping his tush where he can see if the job's been well done or not! I startle him when I laugh and ask what are you doing? and he twists his head to look at me sideways and says matter of factly, "I'm wiping my bum." So I say in the same every day tone "okay, don't fall off the counter" and go out shutting the door. The image of him folded in half standing on the counter cracks me up every time I think of it. It must have helped him 'cuz that was the end of the issue.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Five Delivery Stories, two left for another day!

My cousin is expecting her second baby and asked for tips or stories on natural births. I thought I'd share 5 of my seven stories, some are short and other deliveries took longer and were scary! Be Brave and be prepared to be surprised, planning a natural birth just means you'd like no drugs and no interference from your medical help. You do need to be prepared to defer to your doctor in emergencies. Hopefully you trust your doctor and he knows you well too. Each delivery was completely different and began with it's own unique details.

My first doctor was amazing, the second was newly practicing and horrible. He was bossy and controlling and did not listen to me. Then I had four with an amazing doctor who retired by the time I had baby number seven. I went to a new doctor and he was nice in office and only laughed when I said I'd like to be here for as few visits as possible. (I saw him or the midwife about 6 times.)I was  pleased with the midwife who delivered me, she was very adept during the delivery. However, the nurse was a blessing from heaven, without her I would have been sunk. She got my labor going and took care of me emotionally after and watched me closely to see how I was doing before during and after delivery.

Attached are my stories as I recorded them at the time. Pictures of my handwritten accounts. And a photo of each new baby. There is nothing more heavenly than a new spirit just come to earth. And with that in mind, I cussed like a sailor during one delivery and managed to do the next with no swearing at all, a major feat but it kept the experience much more spiritual. Who knew I could be in pain and not swear! I'll tell that story later.
This is baby number four!

 Baby #3. Two Girls and now a Boy!
Spiders, dogs and siblings better get ready.
This guy at age 8 was caught beginning to insert a straw up his sisters' nose. He wanted to see what would happen, as shocked as I was I laughed and told him strictly to experiment on himself from now on. He squinted at me and I told him that when they preserve mummies in Eqypt that they would pull all the brains out through the nose. He frowned and said he didn't think it would hurt he just wanted to see how far up the straw could go. I explained it would cause a really big head ache. He promptly got up from his straddling position over his sisters' rib cage and she toddled off.
(delivery story with page two and three a family story that you can skip)
Baby number 5.
 Baby number ONE!
 This is baby number 2.
We found out with the first three babies what the sex was. Then once we had the
two girls and a boy my husband said we should be surprised with the next one. I agreed, I always like a surprise, or so I thought, it was really hard for me because I felt less attached not knowing the gender. But after seeing him of course I was just as in love immediately as ever. So the next three we were also surprised and it's like getting a gift after a hard won battle so I looked forward to it each time. Plus everyone is dying to know what it is so when you call or text your entire phonebook the suspense of not knowing the sex is a great surprise for all the family.