Sunday, October 30, 2016

Be Attitudes from Beatitudes

'Be Attitudes', this is what I thought of every time I heard a church lesson on Christ's sermon on the mount. Mount being short for mountain, who would have thought it? And who would have thought that ever since I was a teen I was hearing 'be attitudes' not 'beatitudes'. Latin is what we need to hear sometimes, its much clearer than our native tongue when you catch the hang of it. Beatitudo is latin for blessed. So when we do what Christ taught we have out attitudes of how to be ! Our be attitudes, right?

And we are blessed for choosing to obey God's laws. We remain happy and free since our choices bring freedom to make more right choices and happiness is freedom (when gotten according to God's natural laws). For those nay sayers out there who think wickedness is happiness, ask one question, Am I happy 90% of the time? Because those poor stupid folks who are confined by religion and only pretending to be happy really are miserable and not free to make their own choices, right? No Way! The anti- God person who does exactly what they want is happy right? he did what he wanted now he's happy. When have you seen that work? Only when he's doing something that he wants to do that's good for him and others, good for the majority or the whole group. Now sometimes the whole group doesn't see something is good till much later, Hind Site is 20/20 right?

So we have two choices. My way no matter what it does to others. OR- follow God's laws and do it according to my own style and spread truth and happiness. We can be individual and follow God's laws. He gave us free agency didn't he? He isn't trying to create clones or drones or cyborgs who don't think for them selves. And if he wanted us cast in a mold he'd have done it when we got her.

Way One:

The 23 year old woman whose addicted to cigarettes and drugs is super free. look at her, wearing the sexy clothes, having a party nightly. She's got the life. But this in only surface. Look deeper in and you see she feels sick every morning, unhealthy from abusing her body, hates her self and suffers from depression. Also, she has no friends because she can't be a friend. Those seeking her company are only there for what they get from her, a place to get high. She can't pay her rent or afford to pay $2 a pound for yummy asparagus. She walks everywhere since all her money is spent on her addiction. Sounds super free does it? What good parts of life is she missing out on because of her choices?

Way Two:

This 23 year old woman politely declines anything habit forming, she's clean and healthy. She always has all her mental faculties about her and consequently she has friends because she can be a friend. She is reliable yet fun and happy and free. She obeys natures laws and contributes to others happiness. If she choose to hike s steep 10 miles she can. If she chooses to save money she can, she is addiction free, she gets to decide her path.

How we get to a beatitudo state of being? :

The other woman looses control of her life and enjoys less freedom with every bad choice. This brings us back to the blessing of a 'be attitude'.

I will be humble, let go of pride. I will be generous and give to others who need. I will be wrapped in a mantel of charity so that I am clothed in the image of the Savior. Luke teaches us that we should love, share, give, serve and help everyone, not just those who serve us and not even those who are nice to us, but to do these things unto everyone, even those who have hurt us. Matthew in chapter 6 and Luke chapter 6 teach us how to behave and what blessings we will receive, please read them and then study them so you can apply them in your life and really be blessed. Blessed with the blessings of earth and heaven, physical and spiritual.

God has shown us the way to happiness and freedom from sin, heartache and undue pain caused by bad choices. He loves us and he has a plan for us here on earth and it is not what the devil says it is. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. God's promise is that if we forgive we will be forgiven. If we give generously our return will be go great we will have to tamp down the bucket in which to receive the blessing. Read the chapters line by line and you're testimony of a loving Heavenly Father will grow beyond your current state of faith. Don't we all need to increase our faith?

These blessed blessings can be ours if we have the right Be Attitude!